Reasons Why You Should Consider Becoming A Virtual Assistant

In this year and age, everything is related to the internet. From shopping, banking, bills payment, social interaction, communication and every bit of actions we humans do nowadays was somehow linked to the use of the internet. For several years I had been working a very traditional job in retail. However, personal circumstances made me […]

Transitioning From Employee to Solopreneur

Is your number one Bucket List goal to establish your own entity and become a business owner or Solopreneur consultant? Are you planning to abandon the “safety” of a traditional job to directly market and sell your products or services to customers with the money and motive to do business with you? Going out on […]

Client Retention Means Exceeding Expectations

Client retention and referrals are the best ways to build a good client list. While working with clients new and long-term, the mission of every consulting professional is to provide the highest quality service, exceed client expectations and create the conditions for a long relationship and the receipt of referrals. Recently, one of my clients […]

Multiple Revenue Streams Keep A Solopreneur Solvent

To build a successful career as a Solopreneur consultant requires courage, resilience, possession of marketable skills and relationships with people who are willing and able to refer or endorse you for paid project assignments. Solopreneur consultants must have a talent for selling, the discipline to create and pursue business goals, a knack for big picture […]

Freelancers: We Are the Future

Presented here are relevant statistics and observations gleaned from the fourth annual “Freelancing in America” survey, conducted by the Freelancer’s Union. According to the organization, “Freelancing in America” is the largest and most comprehensive measure of independent workers conducted in the U.S. The online survey queried 6002 U.S. adults who had engaged in full or […]

High-End Program Success for Female Entrepreneurs

As a spiritual female entrepreneur if you have a desire to create and deliver high-end programs then what is stopping you? Creating and delivering high-end offerings is an amazing way for you to go to the next level of personal, professional, and financial success. Understanding how to connect divine wisdom to the authentic creation of […]

Making Your Home Office Conducive to Work

Most of us know that we need to think carefully about office design if we’re going to work at home productively. But what many people don’t realize, is that it’s not just the furniture in the home office that can support or hinder your attempts to work hard. Factors that influence your physiology can also […]

How To Compete In Sales

The idea of competition When I think about the idea of “competing”… I imagine two people trying to beat each other and it makes me smile a bit… As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather dominate and win than just competing with others, For me “competing” means starting at the same or at a similar […]